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Our company is a reliable supplier of rolled metal products for construction, industry, repair and retail outlets. In our assortment you will be able to find and select the necessary rolled metal products, place an order and delivery of metal in the United States. Every year we expand our list of rolled metal products, so in 2019-2020 our company increased the production of bent profiles, corrugated board, fittings, metal pipes, so that all types of metal products are always available. It is possible to buy rolled metal products from a supplier and without intermediaries thanks to our company.

Bent profile

We produce bent steel profiles in the shortest possible time in the required size in lengths from 2 to 12 m, which eliminates waste and cutting costs, and by agreement – in lengths over 12 m, which gives you savings and increases the turnover of funds.

Rolled metal products

Metal wholesale and retail from supplier and manufacturer. Always in stock: sheet metal, fittings, pipes, beams, channels. More than a thousand items of rolled metal with delivery in the USA.

Coil, strip

Sale of steel coils, galvanized, strips with delivery in the United States. Galvanized sheet, steel sheet, steel packaging tape, galvanized coil from the supplier. Quality assurance, reasonable prices.

Roofing and fence

Rolled metal for the roof, fence. All types of corrugated board from the manufacturer SAVVATS. Delivery in the United States. Best price guarantee for wholesale customers. Manufacturer and supplier of colored corrugated board for roofing and fences.


Sale and production of hardware for repair and construction. More than 1000 items of hardware at the best price in the USA. Separate store and showroom of hardware in New York. Delivery across the United States.

Goods for tourism

Custom-made goods and metal products for tourism and recreation.

METAL BASE of Infinite Choice Markets, L.L.C. – SALE of rolled metal products

No branch of modern industry can do without such material as long black rolled metal. It is especially in demand in construction and mechanical engineering. For example, rebar is used to reinforce reinforced concrete structures, without which no building or bridge can be erected today. I-beams and channels are needed as reinforcing elements, not only in construction, but also in the installation of frames of all kinds of complexity. Pipes are also widely used. Profile pipes are used for the installation of frames, roofs, fences and fences, structures. Welded round pipes for installation of gas or water pipelines.

Taking into account the above arguments, in 2012 it was decided to establish Baylis Emerging Markets and to choose the main activity of rolled metal products wholesale and retail sales. Later, a department for the sale of steel roofing elements (corrugated board and metal tiles) and related materials (drainage systems, insulation, fasteners, hardware, etc.) was organized.

Baylis Emerging Markets metal warehouses are located both on the right and left bank of New York City. In the warehouses of the company you can find more than 1000 items of ferrous and stainless steel, roofing materials and components, pipeline parts and valves. At the request of customers, transport delivery of materials is carried out not only in NY, but also throughout the USA. The company sells metallurgical products not only wholesale, but also helps to solve the issue of buying any retail volume.

Our employees are always happy to help customers in choosing the right material and advise on all issues if necessary.
Despite the fact that we are a young company and have recently been in the market of rolled metal products and building materials, we have managed to prove ourselves and become a reliable partner for many companies working in various fields of construction, production and life.


We are 30 years old

In the USA market production and wholesale of rolled metal products.


All products are certified and meet all quality standards.


Guarantee of the best price from the manufacturer for wholesale buyers.

We are trusted

We are chosen by construction companies, retail chains, retail sales centers.

Rolled metal products

Rebar is rolled steel of round cross-section. Hot-rolled steel rebar is used in construction for the installation of reinforced concrete structures.

I-beam is a standard rolled steel profile. A characteristic feature of the product is a cross-section resembling the letter “H”.

Knitting wire is rolled metal in the form of a thin rod with a flat, smooth surface, produced from low-carbon structural steel.

Wire rod
Wire rod is one of the types of round steel rolled products, which is produced using carbon steel of ordinary quality.

A square is a solid metal profile with an equilateral quadrangular cross-section that has no internal empty space.

A round is a type of rolled steel, which is a solid metal bar with a circular cross-section. Different grades of quality steel are used for its manufacture.

Steel angle is a category of rolled sections, which is an L-shaped profile and is classified by production method and cross-section.

Plate g/k
Hot-rolled steel plate is a flat-shaped product, the thickness of which is several times less than its length and width. This type of rolled metal is produced by hot rolling.

PVL sheet
Slit-drawn sheet is a solid metal product made of steel sheet, produced by simultaneous slitting and drawing.

Corrugated sheet
Corrugated steel sheet of general purpose with one-sided corrugation, made of carbon steel grades of ordinary quality.

Cold rolled sheet
Cold-rolled sheet is a steel product produced by cold rolling of a billet. Such sheet is characterized by high surface quality and accuracy of geometric dimensions.

Coils are thin sheet products used for the manufacture of pipes and sheets. According to the production method, coils are divided into hot-rolled and cold-rolled.

Steel strip is a type of flat rolled metal that has a rectangular cross-section.

Steel pipes are one of the most common types of rolled metal products. They are widely used in housing and communal services, mining and construction.

Profile pipes
A shaped tube is a tube with a cross section in the form of a square, rectangle or oval, made of carbon and low-alloy steel.

Channel – shaped black rolled metal, made of steel by hot or cold rolling. It is widely used in construction to create the frame of buildings.

Hexagon is a long rolled metal product, which in cross-section has the shape of a regular hexagon.

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